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Yibin Grace Land Real Estate Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2005, Yibin Grace Land Real Estate Co., Ltd. is a well-known real estate development enterprise in Sichuan held by Yibin Grace Group Co., Ltd, which has the first-class qualification for real estate development. Adhering to the corporate tenet of "casting high-quality urban products and creating wonderful life", under the guidance of the management culture of "professionalism, creativity, beauty and efficiency", the company has developed into a "1 + n" diversified city operator with real estate development as the leader after 13 years, integrating commercial operation, property service, landscape engineering, construction engineering, electromechanical installation, department store, trade, hotel management, health and elderly care.

01Grace Residential Quater
02Jiangan Yangtze River Bamboo Island
04Grace Flower Valley
05Tianjin Oriental Culture Square
06Grace Splendid Residential Quater
07Grace Times
08Rhine River Side
09Grace Park
10Splendid Residential Quater
11Grace Long Xi Tai
12Grace Mansion
13Grace Long Jing Tai

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