Viscose Rayon Filament Yarn

Brand name: Grace, Simice

Capacity: 50,000 tons of centrifugal yarn per year, 5,000 tons of continuous yarn per year.

Introduction: Viscose rayon filament yarn, also known as regenerated cellulose filament, ice silk, rayon. It is made by dissolving high-purity cellulose dissolving pulp made from wood fiber in a chemical solvent to prepare a viscose solution, and then passing through a coagulation bath to precipitate the cellulose, and then processing after stretching. And then the regenerated cellulose filament obtained. It is a green fiber with excellent moisture absorption, air permeability, drape and antistatic function.


Bright yarn: 75D、120D、150D、240D、300D、450D、600D、CSY60D、CSY120D;

Dull yarn:120D、150D、300D;

Flat yarn:120D/8F、300D/30F;

Dope dyed yarn:120D/150D Black and Yellow.

Application: Mainly used for knitting, weaving, thread making and embroidery. It is widely used in High-grade clothing cloth, crocheting, home textiles, decorative fabrics, T-shirts, tassels, embroidery threads, yarns, cushions, carpets and other fields.

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