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To Become a World-Class Group in Biomaterials Industry
SINCE 1980

Yibin Grace Group Co.,Ltd (hereafter, Grace),project-establishment approved in 1980,and the workshop was put into production in 1987,is a large-scaled state-owned enterprise group whose core business is the bio-cellulose fiber and new materials. By insisting on being based on industry and making new through time, Grace has built an industrial cluster of “one base and two elements”. It refers to taking the “bio-based fiber” industry as the base, the “textile medical and health new materials” industry as one element, and the “real estate development” industry as the other. Meanwhile, the company has built an industrial structure with bio-based fibers, medical and health materials, supply chain trade, real estate development, and liquor brewing and sales as its primary businesses.

The company is the world’s professional manufacturer with the largest single-line production capacity of viscose staple fiber in the world. It is one of the “Top 500 Competitive Chinese Large Enterprise Groups”. In 2021, the company achieved an operating income of 34.5 billion yuan, ranking 14th among the top 100 manufacturing enterprises and 31st among the top 100 enterprises in Sichuan province. Grace has created countless patented products represented by “Gracell”. Held by an international perspective, Grace’s product marketing network covers more than 40 countries in four regions including Asia, Europe, Africa and North America, and the total import and export trade volume ranks first in Yibin for ten consecutive years. Grace adheres to the tenet of “casting city boutique, creating upstream life” in the real estate industry. Benefited from the local advantages, the total development area of Grace’s real estate project is more than 5 million square meters. Since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in early 2020, Grace has built a 3,000-square-meter sanitary workshop, 23 mask production lines and 2 melt-blown non-woven fabric production lines within 22 days, effectively ensuring the emergency supply of epidemic prevention materials in Yibin and even in Sichuan. In the fight against the virus, Grace has been awarded the honorary title of “Advanced Group in Fighting against the COVID-19” by the Sichuan Pharmaceutical Industry Association, and its party committee was rated as “the Advanced Grass-roots Party Organization in Yibin City’s COVID-19 Prevention Work”.

Adhering to the concept of high-quality development and highlighting scientific and technological innovation and personnel training, Grace is famed as a national high-tech and innovative enterprise, a national circular economy pilot enterprise, as well as a key backbone enterprise in Sichuan Province. In recent years, Grace has established a state-level post-doctoral research workstation and a state-recognized enterprise technology center, awarding the “Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress”, “China Patent Gold Award”, “National May 1st Labor Award”, “National Textile Technology Enterprise” and other honors. The company now has more than 100 international leading technologies, more than 200 domestic advanced technologies and more than 100 independent intellectual property rights. It is Grace that organizes more than 20 high-tech groups and develops product standards in the industry. Grace’s patents account for more than 70% of the total industrial patents, and the patent implementation rate is more than 85%.

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