Viscose Staple Fiber

Brand Name: Yacel and Gracell

Capacity: 450,000 tons per year

Introduction: Viscose staple fiber is also called artificial cotton and artificial wool. It is divided into cotton type and wool type. Viscose staple fiber is made by dissolving high-purity cellulose pulp made from wood fiber in a chemical solvent to prepare a viscose solution and passing through a coagulation bath to precipitate the cellulose. And after being stretched and cut, the regenerated cellulose staple fiber obtained by treatment. It can be purely spun or blended with various fibers to make woven or knitted yarns, and fillings and other fields.


1.22Dtex*32mm/38mm/44mm、1.33Dtex*32mm/38mm/44mm/51mm、1.67Dtex*32mm/38mm、2.22Dtex*51mm、1.67Dtex*38mm Semi-dull clean high whiteness etc.

Application: Mainly used in various yarns, textiles and garments and non-woven fabrics.

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