Spunlace Nonwovens

Capacity: Yibin Grace Hygienic Materials Technology Co.,Ltd has installed and started spunlace production since 2019 and constructed 3 plants in Yibin and Chengdu City. By 2022, Grace is expected to the largest nonwoven manufacturer in Southwestern China with an annual capacity more than 160000 tons.

NonwovensLinesAnnual Capacity




Mask, sanitary,

packing materials



&sanitary materials

Spunlace1512000025-120gWet&dry wipes


Parallel Grains)




Pulp/PET & Pulp

/PP wiping cloth


flushable moist

toilet paper


Aiming at the extension of the industrial chain, Grace develops into a professional spun-lace non-woven fabrics manufacturer with R&D, manufacturing, sales and service.

Better make-to-order service and independent fiber research and design for customers. Traditional nonwoven manufacturers are fiber buyers without independent fiber research system.

b. 20 years experience of imp. & exp. business, we have documents processing team, logistics company and special banking support.

c. As a big state-owned company, we has a high reputation and credits. For example, we can send local contact person and Chinses team to discuss solutions with you together if there is emergency. We welcome site visits to promote communication and cooperation.

d. We prefer to develop long-term partnership. We can be your reliable supplier, share latest fiber research results with your products. If possible, you can develop more trade business as our sole agent of spunlace nonwovens in this market. We have various opportunities to realize win-win benefits.  

Products & Service

Nonwoven fabrics are mainly used in:

Sanitary Products for Women

Sanitary napkin, pads

Baby Hygiene Products

Baby towel, mouth towel, paper diaper, diaper pad

Household Hygiene Products

Wipe, disposable towel, disposable underwear

Medical & Hygienic Articles

Medical dressing, surgical towel

Flushable Moist Toilet Paper

Flushable spunlace nonwovens simultaneously meets consumer hygiene requirements and environmental needs. It is based on a strong and elastic base-sheet, which provides ease of handling during usage while resisting tears. The wipes are biodegradable and pass through wastewater conveyance and treatment systems without causing blockage.

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