Viscose Rayon Embroidery Thread

Brand name:LIMICE

Capacity:18,000 tons per year

Introduction:Embroidery thread is made of two or more viscose filaments,under a certain tension, through the initial twisting, merging, double twisting and other twisting machining processes to make the fold yarn product which the total denier is below 900D. It has the characteristics of gorgeous color, high color fastness, high temperature resistance and good flatness.


Hank:120D/2/1.27m/200g, 120D/2/1.34m/250g, 120D/2/1.34m/500g;Twist S600/Z520

Cone:120D/2/1000g,Twist S600/Z520

Application:handmade,computerized embroidery,lace garment accessories,knitted garments,etc.

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