Viscose Raffia

Introduction: Raffia, also known as Japanese grass, raffia, and fiber grass, is made from wood dissolved pulp, and produced by high-tech and foreign advanced equipment. It is an exclusive patented product in the world, mainly consumed in European and American markets. It is a premium environmental-friendly raw material in the areas of shoes, hats and gift packaging.


600D/1F/SD/RW, 1100D/1F/SD/RW, 1100D/1F/BR/RW

Application : Arts and crafts category, such as woven hats, bags, artificial flowers, handicraft embroidery. Decoration category, premium interior decoration wallpaper, wall hangings, cushions, coasters and various flower and grass decorations.Types of shoe materials, like luxurious casual shoes’ uppers, embroidery, and various straw-woven casual shoes.

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