Regracell® x Impetus | Impetus New Products Won The ISPO Award


lmpetus Portugal's new Tank Top made from Regracell ® viscose filament yarn by Yibin Grace Group Co., Ltd. won the Munich ISPO Award 2023 and will be exhibited at ISPO Munich from 28 to 30 November.



ISPO Award is an authoritative product selection for the global sports industry, aiming to help the industry to find the most groundbreaking performance of the next year's sports products in a number of aspects of product technology, design and performance. The award-winning new Tank Top is made from Regracell® viscose filament yarn as the raw material and produced using seamless technology, it features moisture-absorbent and breathable, soft and skin-friendly. Regracell® viscose filament yarn is made by Yibin Grace using 30% CIRCULOSE® recycled pulp and 70% FSC certified wood pulp through the improved viscose process.



Throughout its history, Yibin Grace has always advocated for "Eco-friendliness shields green life" and vigorously implemented actions for low-carbon development. It launched the "Dual Carbon" Vision Plan and released the Sustainable Development Report 2022 and 2023. It became the world's first enterprise to achieve industrial-scale production of both filament yarn and staple fiber using Circulose® recycled pulp. It obtained the Canopy "Dark Green Shirt" rating and successfully made it onto the global honor roll for leading enterprises in the next generation solutions.

As a global sustainable fashion solutions provider, Yibin Grace will continue to carry out low-carbon R&D and design based on the LCA of products, build and share with upstream and downstream partners, and work together to help closed-loop of fashion sustainability from textile to textile.




CIRCULOSE® is a recycled pulp produced by Renewcell, a Swedish company, from waste textiles such as used clothing, denim fabric, or textile waste. It is certified by RCS and is biodegradable. Its water and electricity consumption during the production process is 25% less than that of wood pulp production process, and its carbon footprint is -2 kgCO2 eq./kg. It can be blended with wood pulp in the fiber production stage.

Impetus Group is one of the most complete vertically integrated structures in Europe, with more than 50 years of experience tailoring second skin products, and is actively involved in circular economy practices.

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