Sustainable Products

Influenced by the popularity of fast fashion and the improvement of consumption level, a large number of waste cotton materials are produced around the world every year. Most of these waste cotton materials are buried or burned, with low use value, and lead to pollution. In addition, the domestic and foreign researches on the utilization of waste cotton materials are very extensive, such as waste cotton material to produce cotton yarn, manufacturing nonwoven products, carbon materials, cellulose derivative materials, etc., although these utilization value is high, but mostly difficult to large-scale or industrial processing of waste cotton materials, presenting low utilization characteristics. The preparation of dissolving pulp from waste cotton material is a new efficient and high value utilization method. In the pulping process of waste cotton material, it is necessary to separate the non-fiber foreign matter in waste cotton material. After the dissolved pulp is made, the industrial production of recycled cellulose fiber filament can be realized by using the traditional bio-based fiber process, which greatly reduces the natural cotton / wood consumption, and improves the recycling efficiency of cellulose. It is very environmentally friendly and in line with the concept and requirements of sustainable development.

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