Social Responsibility

The company has been rooted in the community where it is located all the time. It takes the concept of “Co-integration, Co-construction, sharing and Cogovernance” to focus on the practice of localized social responsibility, and contribute to targeted poverty alleviation, rural revitalization, and public welfare establishments while paying much attention to environment protection, employment creation, and development of the local economy. It makes great efforts to make a positive contribution to the harmonious development of the local economy, environment, and society. The company is rewarded as the “Sichuan Advanced Group for Poverty Alleviation” and realizes the inclusive growth and sustainable development in implementing social responsibility

The company is earnest about public welfare undertakings to realize common prosperity with the region. Since the Top Ten Projects for “Happy Yibin” was put forward, The company has actively responded to the government’s call, used its own advantages to help the community, and gave back to the society, so as to make a contribution to the solutions to livelihood problems closely related to the lives of ordinary people with practical actions, and constantly improve people’s sense of acquisition, happiness and satisfaction.

The company fully cooperates with Yibin's task of creating the national civilized city, has established a youth volunteer service team. Up to now, more than 600 volunteer service activities, such as “Community Services under Double Responsibilities and Double Guarantees” and “Civilization Persuasion in Cuiping Mountain”, have been carried out with service time exceeding 26,000 hours.

In recent years, Grace has always taken poverty alleviation and rural revitalization as the primary task of The company’s development, implemented the work arrangements and deployments of the provincial party committee and the municipal party committee on targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and exerted its own industrial advantages to actively explore effective assistance modes and mechanisms and realize the win-win situation of enterprise development and rural prosperity. Up to now, The company has assisted four corresponding villages to overcome poverty, involving 211 low income families with a total of 811 people.

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