Environmental Management

Grace is an active practitioner in green development. It has formulated strategies and policies centered on environmental protection, combined targeted remediation with long-term management, followed the principles of strict prevention at the source, strict management in the process and strict control at the end in accordance with requirements in the environmental management system, continuously improving the environmental management ability and clean production level, realizing the synergy between enterprise development and ecological protection, and driving the sustainable development of enterprises in upstream and downstream industries.

The Company passed ISO environmental management system certification, HIGG-FEM-3.0 tripartite on-site verification, and STeP by OEKO-TEX® factory system certification, implemented ZDHC MMCF Wastewater Guidelines , and continuously improved its environmental performance; it receives no complaints on environmental protection and faces no penalties on environmental protection throughout the year. The Company won the honorary title of “Model Enterprise in Green Development in China’s Chemical Fiber Industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period”.

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