Community Environmental Protection

We effectively assume our social responsibility and organically unify our development goals with social development goals. Externally, we have donated funds to schools, conducted paired assistance, took effective measures including connecting industries and building schoolhouse to carry forward rural revitalization, and have won the honorary title of “Advanced Collective for Poverty Alleviation in Sichuan Province”; provided supportive services to communities under double responsibilities and double guarantees (responsible for actions to be taken both in the enterprise and in communities around and guarantee of thorough publicity as well as collection of, feedback on problems and rectification accordingly under the long-term normal work mechanism for establishing national civilized cities), consolidated the achievements in building civilized cities; produced masks, protective suits, disinfectant wipes and other protective articles to build a health “protective wall” against the pandemic; put forth effort to construct urban parks, created a new living mode and spread our core humanistic concept of “beauty, charm and happiness”.

1.Education Support

The Company strongly supports the development of local education through the measures of funding, aid construction and assistance, so as to effectively promote the humanistic care of “Happy Yibin” and urban basic education. In 2021, the Company funded 10 students for their education in the autumn beginning of school, a total of more than 40 students in need in poverty-stricken areas, and more than RMB150 thousand of subsidies. It also assisted the construction of Ma'anshi Kindergarten in Sanjiang New District with a total investment of nearly RMB32 million. It donated more than 3,000 books to schools such as Gaoxian County Shuoxun Primary School and Liduan Town Central Primary School.


2.Anti-pandemic Support

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Company turned the crisis into opportunities to promote transformation. It relied on the advantages of the industrial chain and built a medical and health materials industry. It took only 22 days to build a standard medical and health factory covering an area of 3,000 square meters, which had the capacity of producing 1.5 million masks per day, 1,500 tons of melt-blow non-woven fabrics per year, 10,000 tons of spun-bonded non-woven fabrics, and 10,000 tons of composite non-woven fabrics per year. It made a strong contribution to the victory of the anti-pandemic campaign in Sichuan and laid a solid foundation for the Company’s development. Under the normalization of the pandemic prevention and control, the Company insists on the role of a good logistics soldier. In 2021, the Company provided anti-pandemic materials worth RMB800 thousand to pandemic areas, which includes 1 million masks, 200 thousand compressed towels, 50,000 packets of disinfectant wet tissues, 20,000 disposable bath towels, 2,000 packets of disposable wet toilet paper, 6,000 packets of disposable face towels, and 15,000 packets of disposable wet tissues, etc. Grace Company was awarded the honorary title of the “Advanced Group Against COVID-19 Pandemic” by Sichuan Pharmaceutical Industry Association.


3.Common Moderate Prosperity

In recent years, Grace has always taken poverty alleviation and rural revitalization as the primary task of the Company’s development, implemented the work arrangements and deployments of the provincial party committee and the municipal party committee on targeted poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and exerted its own industrial advantages to actively explore effective assistance modes and mechanisms and realize the win-win situation of enterprise development and rural prosperity. Up to now, the Company has assisted four corresponding villages to overcome poverty, involving 211 low income families with a total of 811 people.


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