Employee Development and Career Development

1.The Company pays attention to the development and growth of employees, provides opportunities and space for their sustainable development, and is committed to realizing the joint growth and development of employees and the Company. Grace has formulated the program of the Employee Training and Development, which specifies the reasonable promotion channels and establishes a perfect training system to meet the joint development needs of employees and the Company.

2.The Company has issued Opinions on Classified Management of Cadre Talent Team and Measures for Management of Professional and Technical Talents, and the employees are provided with multi-level career development channels. There are not only cadres responsible for management, but also professionals and technicians. The Company has established a multi-dimensional career development system for employees, encourages employees to carry out in-depth development in their professional fields, guides their career development, and unifies their self-growth with the Company’s development goals, thus cultivating and creating a team with high-quality talents, and finally achieving a win-win vision of employees’ career development and the Company’s sustainable development.

3.Nineteen Grace “EP” (Engineer’s Pioneer, refers to a technician pioneer) Skill Competitions have been held since 2003, from the initial 7 types of work to 85. The activity has trained a large number of skilled professionals for the group and laid a solid talent foundation for the Company’s high-quality development. The 19th “EP” Skill Competition lasted for nine months. There are five stages in the competition including training, enhancement, practical operation, competition, and skill identification, and there are a total of more than ten items in six branches. In the competition, there are 2 golden technicians, 1 chief technician, 20 “EP” technicians, and 58 winners. Among them, there are 11 types of work, 5 technicians, and 16 winners in Affiliated Factory 1; there are 11 types of work, 1 golden technician, 5 technicians, and 22 winners in Affiliated Factory 2; there is 1 golden technician, 1 chief technician, 10 technicians, and 20 winners in the Equipment Maintenance Department.


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