Occupational Health and Safety

1.Evaluation the status of occupational hazards once every three years, determine the occupational hazard factors on the site, and formulate protective measures according to the hazard factors;

2.On-site inspection of occupational hazard factors once a year, to determine whether the hazard factors exceed the standard, if there is exceeding the standard to formulate rectification measures;

3.The formulation of the "Safety Production Responsibility System List", determined the production safety responsibilities of each employee, clear according to the single performance of duties and one post and double responsibilities;

4."Hierarchical Risk Control and Hidden Danger Investigation and Governance" was established, defined the site safety risk, conducted the site safety risk assessment, and implemented the site safety hidden danger governance;

5.Formulated the "Safety Production Management System", standardized the safety conduct and standards of enterprises and employees in production activities;

6.The "Safety Production Responsibility System" was formulated to ensure that leaders at all levels, technicians, dispatchers and employees perform their duties in place;

7.Formulated the "Work Safety Production Accident Emergency Plan" to ensure the safety of life and property of the company's employees, reduce the company's property losses, and implement rescue quickly, effectively and orderly after the accident;

8.Carry out regular occupational health examination for all employees every year to ensure the health of employees and prevent occupational diseases;

9.Formulated "Safe Operation Regulations" and "Process Operation Rules", strengthen procedure training, ensure operation norms and ensure safe production;

10.The "Safety Target Responsibility Letter" is signed at various levels to ensure that the responsibility for production safety is implemented in place, the annual target is completed, and the effect is good, and no production safety accidents and occupational diseases occur.

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