Supply Chain Collaboration and Planning

The purpose of supply chain collaboration and planning: to enhance the best business performance through the coordination of activities and the best performance of the supply chain. Favourable supply chain collaboration enables end-to-end planning, improve the agility, and responsiveness that can reduce the material impact on the environment and help promote supply chain transparency.

The company commits itself to the whole-process sustainability that raw materials should be traceable& sustainable, the production process should be green recycling, and the product should be safety&friendly, so as to establish a green ecological economy based on fibers. The company commits itself to developing functional fiber,modified fiber, customized fiber and recycled fiber, creating the matrix of green brands, expand the brand application fields.

In addition, Grace has taken important measures such as strengthening supplier management to improve and ensure product quality. The company has formulated the Measures for Management of Appraisal of Supplier Performance and Standards for Assessing and Rating Performance of Suppliers and Measures for Reward and Punishment, and has established a dynamic adjustment mechanism to ensure that the procurement quality meets The company’s strategic needs by evaluating suppliers’ performance, comprehensively comparing the suppliers’ integrity, service and quality system.

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