Value Chain Track- and Traceability Via Blockchain

Given consumers’ expectations on disclose the supply chain, Grace successfully took part in TextileGenesis™. Based on this exclusive platform, Grace aims to provide brands and retailers with a comprehensive supply chain transparency solution.

TextileGenesis™ is a pioneering traceability platform custom built for the fashion & textile ecosystem. TextileGenesis™ system creates radical transparency from fiber - to - retail, and ensures authenticity & provenance of sustainable textiles against generics. The pioneering system engages all 5 - 6 tiers of the supplier ecosystem to create unprecedented traceability based on five key principles. And it invented Fibercoin™ – a digital token – to create material accounting at article-lot level across the textile supply chain. An completely new level of traceability for brands and retailers is created by Fibercoin™ traceability technology, which offers real-time digital accounting of sustainably generated fibers along the full supply chain from fiber to retail. The platform is specifically designed for all sustainably generated fibers, including wool, recycled polyester, organic cotton, and cellulosic fibers made from wood.

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