Recycled Rayon Filament Yarn

Characteristics of the Product

1. Natural cotton / wood fiber as raw material, has excellent properties similar to natural fiber.

2. It is easy to combine with water molecules, so there is a high moisture absorption rate, absorbing and eliminating sweat in time, which is the most suitable for skin requirements and keeps the clothes soft and comfortable.

3. It is a recombination of natural fiber molecules, and the fiber dyeing performance is excellent with the characteristics of bright and full color, bright and gorgeous, and strong color fastness.

4. Its inherent high moisture regain rate, low resistance, can quickly release the charge into the air, which will not cause charge accumulation, prevent the electrostatic reaction of clothing, maintain human health resistance to static electricity, health and safety;

Green and Health

1. Pulp is made of waste cotton to realize cellulose recycling and reduce resource consumption.

2. Under the effect of sunlight and water in nature, it will slowly degrade until completely decomposed, causing no harm to man and nature.

100% Circulose® Pulp

Renewcell is a fast-growing Swedish textile recycling company with a unique technology and a world-class team of people on a mission to change the global textile industry for the better. They plan to recycle the equivalent of more than 1,4 billion T-shirts every year by 2030. Their product is called Circulose®, and we make it out of 100% textile waste. Brands use it to replace high impact raw materials like fossil oil and cotton in their textile products.

In collaboration with Sweden's Renewcell and Ekman, In December 2021, the quality index of recycled cellulose fiber filament produced by Yibin Hiest Fiber Limited Corporation using 100% Circulose® pulp reached the excellent grade according to the Chinese national standard GB/T 13758-2008. This marks that Yibin Hiest Fiber Limited Corporation has become the first company in the industry to realize industrial scale production of cellulose fiber filament made from 100% Circulose® pulp, and the product quality is the same as the cellulose fiber filament produced from raw fiber materials.

Domestic and foreign major professional media have reported, which include JUSTSTYLE, TEXTILEFOCUS,ECOTEXTILE NEWS,Textile Focus.

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