Our Contribution On Carbon Emission Reduction

1.Carbon Footprint Assessments Have Been Conducted, Carbon Footprint Reports Have Been Finished


2.Grace Analyzes the Processes with High Proportion of Carbon Emissions and Then Assesses the Actual Situation and Formulates the First-Stage Emission Reduction Target

1)The carbon footprint ratio of transportation of raw materials is high, therefore we decide to purchase domestic pulp so as to reduce ocean shipping distance.

2)Make use of Sichuan's abundant water resources to increase the proportion of hydropower.

3)Recycle NaOH and H₂SO₄by bipolar membrane technology

3.Energy Saving Measures

1)Promote renewable new energy to replace thermal power, and reduce the use and combustion of coal that indirectly produces greenhouse gases.

2)Equip solar energy devices in time to optimize carbon capture mode.

3)Advocate the production and life style of energy saving, emission reduction and consumption reduction, and adopt high-efficiency energy-saving equipment.

4)Expand the proportion of resource recycling, promote waste reuse, and reduce the load of waste incineration, landfill or other physical and chemical treatment procedures.

5)Promote afforestation and enhance carbon capture capacity in new projects.

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