Sustainable Innovations

1. Adsorbing CS2 with Activated Carbon for Recycling in the Viscose Production Line

The Company adopted the domestic advanced and mature “H2S removal and adsorption of CS2 on activated carbon” technology in 2019 to recycle H2S and CS2 emitted in the production of viscose, that is, the hydrogen sulfide is firstly removed by the reaction between sodium hydroxide and hydrogen sulfide in the waste gas, and then the carbon disulfide in the waste gas is adsorbed and desorbed by activated carbon to be recovered in liquid form, and the recovered carbon disulfide is recycled. The project can recycle 18,000 tons of carbon disulfide and create economic benefits of CNY10 million per year.

2. Patented Technology Mining Waste Resource Value

The company developed the independent patent of "a process technology for the preparation of feed grade xylo-oligosaccharide by squeezing lye combined membrane concentration" as early as 2014, and used the extracted hemicellulose to produce xylo-oligosaccharide products and reduce pollutants and waste discharge from the source.

3. Recycled Cellulose Filament Yarn

In collaboration with Sweden's Renewcell and Ekman, In December 2021, the quality index of recycled cellulose fiber filament produced by Yibin Hiest Fiber Limited Corporation using 100% Circulose® pulp reached the excellent grade according to the Chinese national standard GB/T 13758-2008. This marks that Yibin Hiest Fiber Limited Corporation has become the first company in the industry to realize industrial scale production of cellulose fiber filament made from 100% Circulose® pulp, and the product quality is the same as the cellulose fiber filament produced from raw fiber materials.

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