Biodiversity Conservation- Raw Material Security

Pulp or paper, or dissolving pulp from sustainable areas are crucial for Grace sustainable development. The effective wood and wood pulp Procurement Policy for Protecting Forests and active supplier management are both important elements for Grace sustainable raw material sourcing. Grace supports the production of pulp, paper, cellulosic fibres & fabrics from wood fibre that is not sourced in ancient and endangered forests, such as Indonesia’ s tropical forest and Canada’ s Boreal Forest, unless meaningful conservation plans and FSC certification are in place. Also, Grace works with the wood pulp suppliers towards phasing out and finding suitable alternatives to any wood sourced from these regions.

We will collaborate with Canopy, innovative companies and suppliers to explore and encourage the development of wood sources that reduce environmental and social impacts. We will preference fibre sourced from forests that are responsibly managed forests, certified to the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification system. Grace is an environmentally responsible company that strives to be as sustainable as possible, aiming to protect high conservation values in forestry operations, including ancient and endangered forests, and endangered species habitats so as to protect the creatures that live there and preserve biodiversity.

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