Addressing Climate Change

Climate change is a challenge faced by the whole world. Achieving peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality has become a strategic choice for countries around the world to deal with climate change. As a major greenhouse gas emitter, China has also announced ambitious emission reduction targets including “striving to achieve peak carbon dioxide emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060”, and is comprehensively and systematically promoting relevant work.

As a leading MMCF manufacturer in the industry, Grace always upholds the development concept of “green, low-carbon and environmentally friendly”, which is not only a requirement for resonating with the global sustainable development concept, but also an important path to realize the transformation and upgrading. In October 2021, Grace announced to join the “Climate stewardship 30·60 Net Zero Accerlerating Plan” and made corresponding commitment. For this purpose, Grace will improve its climate governance mechanism, strengthen the control over greenhouse gas emissions, actively analyze its carbon emission status, set carbon reduction goals and paths, and promote green, low-carbon transformation and sustainable development.

In order to fulfill the commitment of climate innovation action, Grace has cooperated with supply chain enterprises to jointly explore low-carbon product development. During the reporting period, Grace developed a low-carbon yarn product, 30S Vortex Spun Viscose Yarn, with a carbon footprint value of 7.87kgCO2 eq./kg. At the same time, Grace through the analysis of product carbon footprint, determine the key links of product carbon emissions, and then take measures to optimize the product process and technology.

Meanwhile, Grace actively answered the national call for “energy conservation, carbon reduction and green development”. It has reduced greenhouse gas emissions and continuously improved the level of cleaner production through disseminating concept, optimizing energy structure, applying energy-saving technology and environmental protection technology.

Grace attaches great importance to technological innovation, especially environmental protection technological innovation. In recent years, Grace has increased input in technology-based environmental protection projects, vigorously promoted the innovative application of environmental protection technology, and improved its ability in waste gas control. Meanwhile, it has also formed a waste gas recycling industry, greatly reduced waste gas emission, substantially improved the total sulfur recovery rate, and achieved remarkable environmental and economic benefits.

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