International Day of Forests: Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future

On 21 March, International Day of Forests is celebrated as scheduled. The theme is Forests and Innovation - Innovative Solutions for a Sustainable Future, aiming to explore new paths between forest conservation and development, promoting the sustainable utilization of forest resources through innovative means.

As a global sustainable fashion solution provider, Yibin Grace has always placed forest conservation and sustainable development at the forefront of its business growth, actively taking measures to ensure the traceability, transparency, and sustainability of raw materials, as well as exploring solutions from non-wood sources.

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Over the years, Yibin Grace has closely collaborated with environmental pioneer Canopy, dedicating efforts to forest conservation. Actively responding to Canopys initiatives, Yibin Grace has developed and adhered to responsible procurement policy, working with suppliers to establish a transparent supply chain, ensuring that the purchased wood pulp originates from sustainably managed forests. In 2023, Yibin Grace achieved 30 buttons for the first time in Canopys Button Ranking Report, receiving the highest Dark Green Shirt rating.


Furthermore, Yibin Grace actively joined Fashion Forever Pact of FSC, voicing for sustainable fashion. FSC, as the world’s most influential forest certification system, is committed to reducing deforestation and forest degradation, promoting forest restoration, and conducting sustainable management. By joining Fashion Forever Pact, Yibin Grace not only demonstrates its pioneering awareness in facing the challenges of the fashion industry, but also showcases our firm determination in forest protection.


To better protect forest resources and promote the recycling of waste textiles, Yibin Grace has innovatively developed Regracell® product utilizing CIRCULOSE® recycled pulp and FSC-certified wood pulp. It effectively reduces the environmental impact caused by landfilling and incinerating waste textiles, thereby promoting the circular development of fashion.

Looking ahead, Yibin Grace will continue to uphold the concept of "Green Manufacturing, Circular Development", collaborating with upstream and downstream partners to protect forests with innovative thinking and actions.

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