Good News! Regracell® was Selected for China Fibers Fashion Trends 2024/2025

During the Shanghai Yarn Expo, Regracell® - High-strength and Low-drawing Recycled Cellulose Fiber, made by Yibin Grace, was successfully selected for China Fibers Fashion Trends 2024/2025.

202312 丝丽雅宜赛尔品牌入选中国纤维流行趋势

The Tongkun · China Fibers Fashion Trends 2024/2025, themed “Fusion Renewal” showcased nine categories of popular fibers, including 29 new varieties from 34 selected enterprises. It comprehensively interpreted the selected fibers’ environmental protection, technological intelligence, diversified innovation, and application expansion, providing trend guidance for the strategic development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry, and also interpreting to the public the “life essence” of “fiber creating a better life.”


Regracell® utilizes CIRCULOSE® pulp and FSC-certified wood pulp. Produced using an improved production process, it effectively reduces the consumption of natural resources, and revitalizes waste textiles, promoting sustainable fashion. The product boasts features such as recyclability, biodegradability, low carbon footprint, comfort and breathability, softness, and moisture absorption. It is widely used in textiles, garments (denim fabrics, woven shirts, woven trousers, etc.) and Spinning (linen yarn, wool yarn, etc.).


Globally, issues such as climate change and environmental pollution are increasingly prominent, driving various industries towards sustainable development. The textile industry, which is known for its high resource consumption and stringent environmental protection requirements, in particular, needs to accelerate technological innovation to promote industrial transformation and upgrading. The successful selection of Regracell® is a vivid annotation of industry transformation, promoting the fashion industry’s shift from linear to circular development and providing valuable references for the broader sustainable development of industries.

In the future, Yibin Grace will continue to adhere to the concept of “Green manufacturing, Circular development,” constantly increasing efforts in technological innovation, promoting the upgrading of products and production process, and contributing to the textile industry’s development towards a more environmentally friendly, efficient, and intelligent direction.

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