Congratulations! Yibin Grace Textile Co.,Ltd., a subsidiary of Grace Group, Achieved a Carbon Neutrality Declaration

Recently, Yibin Grace Textile Co.,Ltd., a subsidiary of Grace, has successfully obtained the PAS2060 Carbon Neutral Certificate issued by the world-renowned certification body SGS. It has officially become the first “zero-carbon factory” in Yibin 100-Billion-Yuan Textile Industrial Park.

“Zero carbon factory” refers to a factory that calculates and mitigates its greenhouse gas emissions within a defined boundary, typically on an annual basis. The emissions are measured in terms of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). The factory strives to reduce its emissions through autonomous efforts and any remaining emissions beyond the defined boundary are offset through external emission reduction projects or through the use of carbon credits.

Yibin Grace Textile Co.,Ltd. produces spun yarn using cellulose fiber as its basic raw material. The yarn can be divided into two types: siro-compact and vortex spun, with a product range of 10-60 counts and an annual production capacity of 80,000 tons. It is mainly used in the fields of denim, home textiles, household textiles, and non-woven fabrics.

Production site of Yibin Grace Textile Co.,Ltd.

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Downstream development of fabric and garments

Moving forward, Grace will continue to actively respond to the national call for “carbon peaking” and “carbon neutrality.” As a leading company in the industry, it will fully leverage its role as a chain leader to promote green development in the industry and strive to build “Green Factories” based on the concept of “Green Manufacturing”. Grace will continuously improve its green system, explore green potential, and expand sustainable development opportunities. By doing so, Grace aims to contribute to the establishment of Yibin as a pioneer region for ecological priority, green, and low-carbon development.

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